1.  Single elimination, one 18 hole net handicap hole by hole match between two LCMGA members.
  2.  Players will be Senior and Super senior players (no separation just  blind draw) and must have a valid LCMGA handicap.
  3.  Last day to signup is April 12th.  No late entry except to make the single elimination bracket format work without any “byes” if possible.
  4.  Entry fee: $5 entry must be paid no later than April 12th.  Send check to Steve Janes, payable to Steve Janes.
  5.  Tom, Russ and Carl will hold a blind draw to determine players for  each match for the first round.
  6.  Once players are set in the single elimination format, we will determine when the matches in each round need to be completed. First round matches start NLT May 6, 2019.  Players will have 2 to 3 weeks to complete their matches (depends on total players).
  7.  Players are responsible  to schedule their own match and match must be completed by the required date. Failure to complete the match by the required date will be the elimination of both those players.
  8.  Once match is complete, score cards must be signed by both players and turned into Carl Boyd, Russ Cudmore or Tom Snipes.
  9.  Final Match must be completed NLT September 20, 2019.
  10.  Points will be awarded to the final  8 players as follows: 1st (20), 2nd (15), semifinal losers 10 pts each and quarter final losers 5 pts each.
  11.  Points will be added to players total for the year for entry into the Laurel Canyon Cup Championship.

Scoring Example: 

Play off low handicap to determine strokes for each hole. If Player A has a handicap of 17 and Player B has a handicap of 27, player B receives 1 stroke on the 10 hardest holes. (no max score).

Winner determined by total holes won.

If matched is tied after 18 holes, play continues until a hole is won.  Ideally, play would continue with hole 1.  However, the course may be full.  If both players agree, they may play any hole(s) agreed upon.  Ideally, the match should be determined the same day.