LCMGA Handicap System – The software system will be used to determine member handicaps.  ONLY organized LCMGA matches both home and away will be used in creating handicaps. New members with USGA handicaps will be integrated into the LCMGA handicap system with their USGA handicap (adjusted for FOC course ratings) and will then have a valid LCMGA handicap.

Our handicap system is based on USGA formula.  In order to have a “valid” handicap a player must complete 5 rounds.  The LCMGA Handicap calculations are used by the LCMGA’s handicap program inclusive of course Rating and Slope to establish a member’s Handicap and Handicap Index.

Members without a LCMGA handicap can participate in games, but cannot participate in awards, until they have completed a minimum of five (5) rounds to establish a valid handicap. They may contribute an amount determined by the LCMGA Board to participate in the “closest” to the pin (CTTP) competition/awards.”


Maximum Handicap (36) – The USGA Maximum Handicap Index for men is 36.4.  The LCMGA has decided to cap the MAXIMUM handicap for competition play at 36.


Players Competing from A Different Course Rating or Tees (USGA Section #3-5/1) – A course handicap represents the number of strokes needed from a specific set of tees to play to the level of a scratch golfer; i.e., to the USGA Course Rating. The calculation of a Course Handicap only includes a player’s Handicap Index® and the Slope Rating® of the tees being played. When a USGA Course Rating difference exists among competitors, they are playing to different benchmarks, and an adjustment equal to the full difference in USGA Course Rating must be made in order for the competition to be equitable.


Course Rating Difficulty Difference – White 68.1 vs Gold 64.4 is:  68.1 – 64.4 = 3.7 strokes. We will use as a modifier 4 strokes.

Players playing from the GOLD TEES will have a 4 stroke reduction adjustment to their handicap. 

Players playing from the GREEN TEES will have a 5 stroke reduction adjustment to their handicap.

These adjustments will be automatically calculated by the Handicap System software.


Yearly Handicap Adjustment – On June 1st of the calendar year, all recorded scores that are one year or older will be deleted from the LCMGA handicap system. If an existing member does not have a total of 5 scores after this adjustment, they must fulfill the requirement of 5 scores to establish a handicap just like a new member.


Exceptional Score Handicap Adjustments – In keeping with the goal of the Association to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members and to encourage active participation of its members in weekly golf events, handicap adjustments will promote fairer play. Based on a player’s exceptionally low net score, the following chart will be used to adjust the player’s handicap to more accurately reflect their “Playing Potential” in accordance with USGA Rules. When any player records a net score reflected in the left column, based on the Exceptionally Low Score provision, a second score (reflected in the 3rd column) will also be assessed for handicap purposes.

It is urged that all members read the USGA Manual, Section 8.4c, with regards to adjusting handicap indices.


Exceptional Score Adjustment Chart

Net Score Actual Gross Second Adjustment Score
64 – 65 Gross Score Gross Score
61 – 63 Gross Score Gross Score – 5 strokes
60 and below Gross Score Gross Score – 10 strokes


Ex 1:  Player has a handicap of 20 and shoots a gross score of 85, net 65.  Score posted for handicap will be one 85 and an additional 85. 

Ex 2:  Player has a handicap of 20 and shoots a gross score of 83, net 63.  Score posted for handicap will be one 83 and an additional 78.

Ex 3:  Player has a handicap of 20 and shoots a gross score of 80, net 60.  Score posted for handicap will be one 80 and an additional 70. 


Gold Tee Eligibility – Any member age 72 or older may play from the Gold tee. 

Forward Tee Eligibility – Any member age 80 or older may play from the Forward(Green) tee. 

Note: Moving back to White tees from Gold or to Gold from Forward

           is not allowed. 

Members may petition the Board for “special consideration” to move to the Gold or Forward Tees.