LCMGA Host Duties 


The purpose of the Host program is to support the Golf Coordinators during our weekly golf events. Below is a list of items that the Host will receive from the Golf Coordinator, and the duties of the Hosts.

NOTE: If you cannot make your assigned Host date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.


1.  Print out the Pairing List.


2.  Arrive at Golf Club at least 75 minutes before tee time.


3.  Get the LCMGA notebook and manila envelopes from the pro shop desk. These will contain the payout schedule (in the notebook), the Event Tally sheet, the envelopes for CTP, Funny Money, Stratus, Kitty, Treasury and Winners 1 – 12.


4.  On a blank Event Tally sheet fill in the date and expected number of players.


5.  Check the Payout Sheet for the planned event. There are payout sheets for individual net, twosome and foursome team games. Note the amounts for each envelope: place winners, Stratus, CTP and Treasury.

Note:   a) No Shows do occur, so be careful about pre-filing envelopes as number of participants could change.

              b) Players with no handicaps do not participate in payout money. If there are 64 players and 3 do not have an established handicap, the payout would be for 61 players.


 6.  As players check in, collect their entry fee and mark them as paid on the Pairing List you printed.


 7.  Close check-in 30 minutes before tee off time.


8.  Using the number of checked in players (with valid handicaps), check the payout sheet again and divide the entry fee into the amounts listed on the payout sheet and put them into the respective envelopes. For non-handicap players, put their fee into the Treasury envelope.  Any funds left over (there shouldn’t be any), put into the Kitty envelope.


9.  If you have time, draw the poker chips for the funny money (5 plus 2 alternates). Find the corresponding player and enter their names on the sheet and the 2 alternates. You can also use a randomizing app on your iPhone.


10. Return the Notebook, Tally Sheet and Envelopes to the Proshop desk.


11. You are done. Go to the range!!.


NOTE: All members of the LCMGA are required to share the Host responsibility.   Host duties are assigned randomly.  Assignments can be found on the Calendar of Events.