Non-Tournament Play – Maximum score on any hole is three (3) over par (triple bogey). A golfer who is two strokes over par and not in the cup should pick up his ball and proceed to the next hole.


Tournament Play – All strokes Tee to in the Hole will be recorded. No gimmies.


Putting – Any putt within 6 inches (not 7) of the cup does not have to be holed (a gimmie). Pick up the ball and add one stroke.


Score Cards – All score cards shall be checked for accuracy by at least two (2) players and signed before being turned in to the Golf Coordinator. The “official” score card shall have first and last names.  NEATNESS COUNTS.  The golf coordinators/hosts may be logging 60 plus scores which takes time.  The easier to read the faster post round tabulation.


Tie Breakers –  Tie Breakers will be used for Payouts to break ties.  Order will be #3, #15, #4, #11, & #9