The game we will be playing we will call the Laurel Canyon Hurdle ( Jim Kenton’s name & game we played at Fields Ferry).
It is a team variation of the Stableford format you are familiar with.  The difference is that we will count scores from the whole team do determine winners.  This is a game that allows all teams, whether threesomes or foursomes, to have a pretty equal chance of winning.  All each player has to do is play his best and exceed his hurdle.  The team that has the most points over the hurdle wins.  Your point requirement is your handicap subtracted from 36.  For this game we will count:
Eagles  8 points
Birdies  4 points
Pars      2 points
Bogies  1 point
Doubles and Triples  0 points
Quad    -2 points

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