Blame Your Partner Scramble

Here are the rules:

  1. This is a 2-man pick your partner event (must be an LCMGA member).
  2. Total team handicap cannot be less than 20. (each player’s course handicap will be used).
  3. Two flights, split in half based on team handicap.
  4. Handicaps published as of 8/16/20 will be used to determine flights and the team handicap limit of 20.
  5. Any tie in team handicap at the split level, the team with the lower individual course handicap will be in flight one. If all players have the same handicaps, split will be random.
  6. Handicaps are only used for flights and team minimum.
  7. No limit on the number of drives.
  8. Each player will play from their normal tee box.
  9. Normal entry fees and payouts apply.
  10. ONLY 32 TEAMS (64 players).  Sign up will be closed at 9 pm Aug 16.
  11. If you do not have a partner, I will create a no-partner list and match players randomly.  You must send me (jdstrand.00@gmail.com) an email to be on the no partner list.
  12. You must send me an email (jdstrand.00@gmail.com) and let me know who your partner is. I will validate and confirm partnership for the event.

Contact jdstrand.00@gmail.com with any questions.