The annual “LCMGA Turkey Shoot” will be held on Tuesday, November 17.

(Rain-out Rescheduled Day/Date will be Thursday, November 19.)


This tournament is a Member-Member event. Pick their OWN partner. Players NOT having a partner will be paired with another player. This will be a NET HANDICAP 2 PLAYER TEAM GAME EVENT. Total of 2 players Net Scores.




Signup INDIVIDUALLY to register for event.

ALSO, in the Fairways of Canton Pro Shop will be a list for players to sign up. Please enter your name and your partners name in the applicable space on form. If you do not have a partner, list your name and leave partner space on form BLANK. If you do not have a partner by signup close (11/13/20), you will be assigned a partner. If we end up with an uneven pairing (blank partner) you will be assigned a GHOST Partner on day of event. Standard $5 entry fee for Payouts & CTP Awards will be collected on the day of event by Hosts at Registration Table.


All players in this event, will receive a $10 Gift Card to Publix’s. This card may be used towards a Turkey, Ham, Six Pack, etc. You MUST play in this event to receive a gift card. Only exception is Known/Recognized illnesses and injuries, or approved exceptional circumstance/situation.