As Revised 12/4/2014 (effective January 1, 2015)







The name of the organization shall be LAUREL CANYON MEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION (LCMGA).



The goal of this Association is the promotion of good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members and to encourage the active participation of its members in weekly golf events, tournaments and other golf related activities. LCMGA golf events will be conducted in accordance with rules of the USGA and as modified by LCMGA RULES.



Any male over 50 years of age who is entitled to golf privileges at the Fairways of Canton (FOC) shall be eligible for membership in the LCMGA, provided he is in good standing and has paid his annual dues.



The Annual Dues for membership will be determined by the LCMGA Board of Directors.  For members joining after October 1, their dues will cover the following year also. Dues and/or any Board approved assessment not paid within 90 days of BILLING NOTICE will be considered delinquent and member will not be allowed to participate in any LCMGA event until account is PAID IN FULL.



The LCMGA Board has the right to refuse or revoke membership to individuals who have demonstrated behavior contrary to Article II. The board’s decision in this manner must be unanimous and will be conveyed to the individual in writing.

Any individual that has been denied membership or had their membership revoked may appeal the decision in writing within 30 days and request a hearing before the board.



The structure of the LCMGA will consist of a Board of Directors with duties and powers as described below. The governing Board of Directors will be nine members  and will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Golf, Tournament Director, Handicap Director, Member At-Large (immediate Past President), and Social Director. The term of service for the President will be one year beginning January 1. The Vice President will become the next President and the President will replace the Member At-Large board member for the following year after which time he will rotate off the Board. The former President (Member At-Large) will chair the Nominating Committee responsible for replacing the next year’s Board members. Each year an election will be held to replace three (3) board members. Duties of new Board members will be assigned by the new President. In addition, the new President will appoint a Social Committee each year. The Social Committee will have one (1) board member representative for the year (appointed position).




The President shall preside at all LCMGA meetings and is Chairman of the Board of Directors. He shall have general supervision of LCMGA affairs and shall be the primary liaison between the LCMGA and the FOC management.



The Vice President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, assume the responsibility of the President. The Vice President upon action of the Board will REVISE club BYLAWS and RULES as required. He will perform other duties assigned by the President and may act as chairman of Committees which may be appointed for Association activities.



The Secretary will record minutes of all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors. He will also be responsible for publicity of the organization, by submitting a quarterly article for the Soleil Horizon accompanied with pictures, and other publications and periodicals as required.  The Secretary will stay abreast of members who are injured or sick and will secure appropriate cards for members to sign and give best wishes. He will perform other duties as assigned to him by the President.



The Treasurer is responsible for the monies and records of the LCMGA. He shall maintain the official membership roster of the LCMGA. He shall present a financial report at scheduled membership meetings, and is responsible for disbursement of expenditures approved by the President or Board.



The Director of Golf (DG) is responsible for overseeing the “HOST SYSTEM”, scheduling host volunteers and giving direction to Golf Coordinators. Golf Coordinators may or may not be board members, but 2 – 4 volunteers from the membership to organize the Tuesday and Thursday games at the direction and approval of the Director of Golf. The Director of Golf, will ensure that the “Host System” volunteers have the resources and necessary training for collecting bet money, determining and dispersing payouts. The DG also is responsible for keeping the membership informed of rules issues, pace of play problems and golf etiquette issues. The DG will also cooperate and provide assistance to the Tournament Director, for all tournaments sponsored by the Association. He will also report to the President and Board regarding FOC physical golf course issues.



The Tournament Director will plan, organize and supervise all tournaments sponsored by the Association. He is responsible for formulating and recommending to the Board the tournament schedule of events for the fiscal year, including format and prize structure and for publicizing the schedule as deemed appropriate.



The Handicap Director will maintain handicap records of the LCMGA and will publish updates at a frequency to be determined by the Board. He will receive scores from the Golf Coordinators and input the scores into the data base for each days play. An Assistant Handicap Coordinator may be designated to ensure scores are posted promptly when the Handicap Director is unavailable. He may or may not be a Board member.


MEMBER AT-LARGE (immediate Past President)

The Board Member At-Large will try to keep abreast of the likes and dislikes of the membership regarding LCMGA activities and will report to the Board on attitudes and ideas that may be of value in promoting the goals of Article II. In addition, he will serve as chairman of the Nominating Committee each year (see Article IX: Nominations and Elections). He will also perform other duties as assigned by the President.



The Social Committee is appointed by the President. The Social Committee has one (1) director position representative on the Board. This is a one term (yearly) appointment.



The Director Emeritus position is bestowed on all Past Presidents after serving on the board in the Member At-Large position. The Director Emeritus position, is an honorary position, and is not part of the governing board. The LCMGA welcomes their advice, counsel and knowledge regarding issues, rules, programs and goals of the association. In addition, previous past presidents are encouraged to take an active role in the association by volunteering for committees or performing assignments that may be assigned by the President.



There are currently two (2) standing committees. They are the Social Committee and the Web Site Master Committee. Both committees are yearly appointments by the President. The Social Committee is responsible for the planning and executing periodic social events and the annual Christmas Party. Also, this committee has one (1) Director position representative on the Board. The Web Site Master Committee is made up of one or two individuals who may or may not be board members who have the skills and experience to help maintain our web site and to offer assistance to our web site administrators. 





Each year the prior year’s President (Member At-Large) who is chairman of the Nominating Committee will appoint two (2) non-Board Members to serve on the Nominating Committee each November 1. The Committee will recommend a slate of candidates to replace all vacancies on the board who, may have or may not have, served three year terms. Normal terms for Directors of the Board are three year terms. No Board member shall serve more than 4 years. No member of the committee will be eligible to be a nominee for elective office. All nominees must understand the duties they may have to perform on the Board, and indicate their acceptance of the nominations prior to an election.



The slate of nominees, one (1) for each projected vacancy will be posted and publicized on the LCMGA web site at least 10 days prior to the voting deadline which will be in December. Each LCMGA member will be asked to either accept or reject the Board nominees by an email voting procedure. Election results will be announced at the annual Christmas Party and new Board members will assume duties on January 1.

 Note: If there is only one nominee, for a position, no vote will be necessary by the Membership and the nominee will be appointed by the President.   




Members are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and good sportsmanship at all times. Specific items of concern are:


Talking: loud and abusive or profane language, particularly when another player is addressing the ball is unacceptable as are overt displays of anger on the course.


Smoking: most members do not smoke and do not like to be around smoke. Members who smoke should respect this fact and try to keep their smoke away from the non-smokers.


Cell Phones: cell phones should be on mute during play and cell phone conversations should not interfere with other members play.


Pace of Play: this topic is addressed in detail in the LCMGA Rules but players should be aware of their habits and how they affect pace of play. One player with a 15 second pre-swing ritual can add to minutes to a round. A player losing four balls and spending the maximum allowed time looking for them adds 12 minutes to the round.


Etiquette violations are a violation of Article II and may result in sanctions or revocation of membership by the Board of Directors.



Upon dissolution of the Association, any remaining funds or property shall be distributed by the Board of Directors solely for charitable or educational purposes. Such disposition shall require a majority vote of present Board members.




As Revised 12/4/2014 (effective January 1, 2015)