• $30.00 Yearly Membership 
  • Minimum age requirement 55 years of age
  • GHIN required.  Purchased through Fairways of Canton


Game Fees:

  • Tuesday/Thursday:  $5.00
  • Tournament Fees will be extra. Tournament fees will be set by the Tournament Coordinator


Weekly Games Played:

  • Weekly games will be determined by the Golf Coordinator, whom also will payout all prize money. Games played may be individual or team
  • Games are played every Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting)



Rules for All MGA Games:

  • GHIN is required.
  • Events may have eligibility requirements i.e. minimum rounds played in LCMGA competition.  
  • Maximum score on any hole is 4 over Par


If you are interested in joining our Association,  please click on JOIN LEAGUE, and fill out the information required.  Once your application is submitted, please make your check out to the LCMGA.  You can drop off your payment at the Fairways of Canton Pro Shop or mail your payment to:


Mr. Steve Janes

200 Canyon Fairway Trace

Canton, Ga. 30114


Honorary Membership

Any LCMGA member who is 90 years old and has 15 years of LCMGA membership will no longer be required to pay the yearly LCMGA dues or the yearly GHIN requirement.  In addition,  event entry fees and tournament fees will also be waived.