Event Sign Up – Members must use the LCMGA Website to sign up for play or an event.


Closed Events – Events are generally CLOSED for entry 24 hours prior.  


Cancellations – Please go to the LCMGA website and select option “Cancel from Event”.  If Event is closed, email Host/Coordinator.  Cancelling after an Event is closed should be an exception.


Check-in Time – Hosts need time at the practice range, too.   As such, Check-in-Time is 30 minutes prior to tee time.  If you are not checked in 30 minutes prior, you will not be able to play in the event.


Hosts – EVERY member of the LCMGA will be a HOST at some time. This is a requirement of membership.  On Event days, there will be two Hosts that check-in players, collect monies and divide/separate into envelopes.  For Host Duties please click HERE.