As of January 1, 2021, all LCMGA member are required to have a GHIN number.  The GHIN index is used to determine a course playing handicap based on tee box played.  The course playing handicap is adjusted based on course slope, rating and par. For details click here



Your Handicap Index is a portable number that represents your demonstrated golfing ability. It is based on your past scores relative to the difficulty of the course and tees played, as well as the playing conditions during each one of those rounds.

Your Handicap Index is calculated based on  your 8 best Scores (adjusted) from your most recent 20 scores (with additional safeguards)


Note: The Golf Genius software program will be used to score/tabulate all LCMGA events.

Maximum Handicap Index (36.4) – The Word Handicap System (WHS) maximum index for men is 54.0, however, the LCMGA max index limit is 36.4; a “Local Rule”.  Additionally, the maximum playing index from any Tee box will be 27.


Fairways of Canton Rating / Slope / Par





70.2 129 72


68.9 126



67.8 122










Green 63.2 115




Selecting Which Tee Box to Play

To truly enjoy your round at the Fairways of Canton, Tee Box selection is critical.   Players may play from Blue, White, Hybrids, Gold, or Green (age 80 and up).  The objective of the handicap system is to be able to reach net par (73) on a regular basis.  If you find it difficult reaching net par from the tee box you are playing from, you should move forward.  Most LCMGA play from the White tees, but many play from White/Gold, Gold and Green.

Your tee designation can be changed every quarter (Jan 1, Apr 1, July 1, Oct 1).  Please send an email to jdstrand.00@gmail.com prior to the start of a quarter to request a change to your default Tee.


  RECOMMEND Tee Box Selection    
GHIN Ave Score Tee Box Comments
20 or less Under 95 White Tee Shot > 200 yards
25 or less 90-100+ W/G or Tee Shot < 200 yards
over 25 95-100+ Gold or Tee Shot < 200 yards


Posting Your Scores to GHIN

Golf Genius will automatically post all LCMGA scores to GHIN.  If you play rounds outside of the LCMGA, you will need to post your own scores.  Additionally, you will need to post your adjusted score, not necessarily your total scores.


How to Post “Adjusted” Scores in GHIN

The youTube videos below explain the options for posting scores to GHIN.

Part 1 ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_hUXlSNUVg

Part 2 ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UyLzfMB_vI

Part 3 ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-HprSmR7_I


Note:  Handicap Updates, by rule of the WHS, are calculated immediately, once posted.  Any rounds played outside the LCMGA or played at other courses must be posted individually by player.


For more detailed information regarding the handicap system please visit this link for the  USGA

There you will find details regarding:

  –  Handicap Index Calculation                       

  –  Exceptional Score Reduction

  –  Net Double Bogey                                         

  –  Soft Cap/Hard Cap