LCMGA Host Duties 


The purpose of the Host program is to support the Golf Coordinators during our weekly golf events.   The Host program is coordinated by the Board Secretary and are volunteers from the membership.  There are Primary and Secondary Hosts.  Hosting is a requirement for All members of the LCMGA.    

The Primary Host will be selected from the volunteer list and noted on each event play date (Tue/Thr); propagated monthly. 

The Secondary Host will be assisted by a randomly selected player from the players signed-up to play that day’s event. 


Below is a list of items that the Host will complete for each event.


1)  The Night before:

       –  Print out the list of who is playing.  You should get an Alpha Check-in List from the Coordinator

       –  Know who the coordinator is for the event; you may need to contact him

       –  Understand Take Out/Pickup CTP instructions. 


2)  Arrive at club house 75 minutes before tee time.


3)  Retrieve the LCMGA notebook and manila envelopes from the pro shop desk. These will contain:

              a) Payout schedule (in the notebook)

              b) Event Tally sheet

              c) Envelopes for Place, Low Gross, CTP, Funny money, Kitty and Treasury

              d) CTP markers. 


4)  Setup check-in table (usually the Buchanan room) 


5)  Fill Out the Tally Sheet


6)  Check people in and collect their $5 Entry Fee. 


7)  Check in closes 29 minutes prior to tee time.  Close the doors.  Anyone not checked in will NOT play.


8)  If there are no shows or additions, DO NOT change starting holes.  Contact the Coordinator, as any movement of starting holes  will affect Golf Genius scoring.  If cancellations create a two-some, that is OK; let them play as a two-some. 


8)  Stuff the ENVELOPES: 

          a)  CTP (4 -$20), Low Gross (1 for each flight, $5 each)

          b)  Funny Money, $10.

          c) Place money: Find the corresponding payout sheet in the book.  There are payout sheets for Individual Net, Flights and Team Games.  Payouts based players signed up not how many show up.  See note below.      


Note:  NO SHOWS.  Payouts are based on the number of players SIGNED UP, not based on the number that check in.  If there are no shows or day of cancellations, the Treasury will be short by the number of no shows.    i.e. if there are 3 no shows, the Treasury would receive $15 less. 


9)  There should not be any funds left over. If there is, you made a mistake.  (if for some reason there is extra money, put it in the “kitty” envelope).


10) Make sure you fill out the Tally Sheet.  Write down names of No-Shows and Late Arrivals.  Put Tally Sheet, Alpha Check-in List, Awards Envelopes and Treasury envelope into the “TODAY’S Event” folder.  Everything else goes back into the manila folder.  Return notebook and folders back to the Pro Shop desk.


11)  Notify the Pro Shop and Coordinator of any changes made to foursomes or starting holes, including no shows.


12) You are done. Go to the range!!