Laurel Canyon Cup Challenge


Two teams compete consisting of a two captain picked roster.  The roster is comprised of point winners of the tournaments played throughout the calendar year (Majors: Jones, Palmer, Player, Nicklaus.  The Par 3, Match Play and Club Championship).  It is a distinct honor to represent and compete for either the White or Red teams.

The LCC is a two-day contest featured:


  • Best Ball
  • Alternate Shot
  • Singles Match Play


2020 Results

The Red team, Captained by Doug Lockrum and Jim Hunter, scored 11 1/2 points.
The White team led by Joe Tollus and Jim Pefinis logged 10 1/2 points.
The second-day results had the Red Team as the winner, 24.5 points to White’s 19.5.



2019 was our first year for the competition and our new Laurel Canyon Cup Trophy is proudly displayed in the LCMGA display cabinet at the Fairways of Canton clubhouse.

The “Red” team took home the “Cup” trophy with a score of 21 to 19.

Below is the winning team picture along with the two captains, Dave Brackett and Fred Meyers.

2019 Results

LCC first day results

LCCfinal results 2019