Laurel Canyon Men’s Golf Association

“LCMGA Rules of Play”

14th Revision March 2023


The LCMGA will follow the USGA Rules of Golf.


The following OPTIONAL generosities will be allowed:


LCMGA RULE 1   Improving Lie

You may improve your lie 12 inches anywhere.  This includes ALL penalty areas, sand traps, etc.  However, you cannot improve your lie out of the original condition i.e., cannot move from rough to fairway, sand trap to rough/fairway, penalty area to non-penalty area, water to dry land. Specifically, if your ball is in the water and is 100% underwater, it must stay 100% under water.


LCMGA RULE 2   Ball or Stance on Cart Path

If your ball or stance is on a cart path, move your ball to nearest point of relief on EITHER side of the cart path. No penalty.


LCMGA RULE 3   Drop Zone

Hole 14 has the only drop zone. If your ball crosses the cart path and is on the street or crosses the street, use the drop zone (2 stroke penalty, lying 3, hitting 4).  The drop zone is located 14 paces from the light pole (walking towards Publix) and 4 paces towards the green. Optionally, you can re-hit your tee shot (lying two, hitting three).


LCMGA RULE 4   Penalty Procedure

If your ball cannot be played (lost, OB or in a water penalty area) proceed as follows:

a) Determine your line of flight (may not be a straight line) and drop anywhere along that line of flight, no closer to the hole. You may go back as far as you wish.  PENALTY- ONE stroke.

b) Determine where your ball lay or approximate. Walk laterally to nearest point in the fairway and drop (no closer to the hole). PENALTY – TWO strokes.


Download the Rules Diagram ==> LCMGA Rules Diagram

Download the Rules Text version  ==> LCMGA RULES Of PLAY 2023