Welcome to the Laurel Canyon Men’s Golf Association (LCMGA).  Below is information to help you navigate LCMGA.com.  As an LCMGA member, we recommend you spend at least 30-60 minutes to become familiar with navigating the website, but more importantly, learning the content contained on the various pages.  If you have any questions, your LCMGA Board members are here to help.  Please see the Directors and Staff page for the appropriate Board member for your question, or send your questions to our President; he will route accordingly. Welcome aboard!



  • Many screens allow public viewing without logging in. Other screens require you to login.
  • The Menu choices across the top: Home, Our League, Details, Calendar, Members Only, Contact Us and Login — breakup LCMGA.com into sections. Any choice with a >> (blue arrows below) will denote additional sub-menus available.
  • Many screens also have “large buttons” (red arrows below). These provide quick and easy navigation, especially when using smart phones.


Logging In

You need a Username (generally your email addr) and a password to login to LCMGA.com.  Once logged in, you will be presented a profile page.  The profile page is where you can change personal information about yourself, including your email address.  This email address will be used for all communications to you from LCMGA.com.  If you want to use a different email address for communications, please update your email address here.

Note1: changing your email address does NOT change your Username.  Your Username never changes.

Note2:  Do NOT attempt to login more than 5 times with errors. If you are having issues logging in, please contact Jim Strand, jdstrand.00@gmail.com.



Signing up of an LCMGA Event

  1. Login to LCMGA.com.
  2. Go to the Calendar of Events.
  3. Click on the event you are interested in.
  4. Click on the button to Join Tournament  



Select  button from any screen and follow the screen prompts to either add or cancel yourself from an event.


Once you are signed up for an event, the Coordinator will send out player pairings, starting holes and any special instructions, generally 12 -20 hours prior to playing.  All Events are Shotgun starts. Start times change depending on time of year.

Cancelling: use the same process above and click button Cancel from Tournament  

If the event has been closed it is extremely important to send an email or call the Coordinator, so he can make the appropriate changes to the pairings and starting holes.