Shotgun START Times

  January     10:00 am     July      9:00 am
  February     10:00 am     August       9:00 am
  March     10:00 am     September      9:00 am
  April      9:30 am     October      9:30 am
  May      9:00 am     November     10:00 am
  June      9:00 am     December     10:00 am


Ready Golf
–  Within the bounds of courtesy, safety and consideration of your fellow golfers do not stand around while they are playing. Take actions to prepare so that you are ready to play as soon as you have the opportunity.  Do not wait for “your turn”.


Ball Hawking – prohibited. Lost ball search time is limited to three (3) minutes.


Golf Carts – mandatory. Players desiring to walk between shots must not interfere with the pace of play of their group.


Pace of Play – Be aware of your position on the golf course. If you cannot see the group in front of you and the group behind you is waiting, pick up your pace of play.


Cart Path Only – If course conditions dictate Cart Path Only – STAY ON THE CART PATH. No wheel should ever touch the grass. 

Take several clubs to your ball and a sand bottle. If you don’t think you have the right club, do the best you can with what you have. Do not waste time making a trip back to your cart to get another club.


Finished Hole – When a hole is finished, clear the green area and move to the next hole.  Mark your scorecard at the next tee box so the group behind you can hit.