Event Sign Up, Cancellations and Hosts


Event Sign Up – Golf Genius will automatically send invitation to sign up to all members 6 days prior to the event.

Closed Events – Events will automatically close at 7 a.m. the day prior to the scheduled event.  All TOURNAMENTS will closed two (2) days prior at 7 a.m. so we can provide lunch headcount to Stratus.  

Cancellations – Use event sign up email and select “Not Playing”.   If the Event is closed, Text, Call, or email the Coordinator.  Cancelling after an Event is closed should be an exception.

Cancellation Day Of Event – EXTREMELY RARE.  It is VERY important to contact the event Coordinator via phone.  No shows are very damaging to the day’s event.  Missing players affect Flights, Team Games, Starting Holes, foursomes.  Additionally, changes are required in the Golf Genius software event administration.    

Hosts – EVERY member of the LCMGA will be a HOST at some time. This is a requirement of membership.  On Event days, Hosts check in players, collect monies and divide/separate into payout envelopes. See Host Duties on LCMGA.com.

Check-in Time – Check in NO LATER than 40 minutes prior to tee time.  This allows your Hosts some time to complete their administration duties and get to the range to warm up. 

League Portal – You can use GGID LCMGA20xx (where xx is the current year) to signup or cancel from events as well.  You will need your ENTRY Number.

Smartphone App – Download the Golf Genius app from your app store.  You can also sign into Golf Genius using any browser using the above GGID at www.golfgenius.com.

Golf Genius Tips  ==> Golf Genius Tips

Inclement Weather – The Event Coordinator or the Fairways of Canton will make the decision to cancel an event and will provide notification as early as possible.   

Event Cancellation Mid-Round –  If an event is cancelled by either the Fairways of Canton or the Event Coordinator during play, the following procedure will be followed to return entry fees back to players:

  –  A message will be sent to all Fairways of Canton carts to return to the club house.  In addition, the Coordinator “may” send a text message to all players.

–  Once the message(s) have been sent, players will have 30 minutes to return to the club to receive their entry fee.  Please see the Event Coordinator in the Buchanan Room.

  –  Any money not returned after 30 minutes will not be refunded and will be added to the LCMGA Treasury.

NOTE: Once a round has been started it will either be completed or cancelled.  There will not be any “weather delays/postponement of play”.

Questions??? –  Contact Jim Strand, jdstrand.00@gmail.com